Day Worker Program

Hours of Operation:  Wednesday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The CTC Day Worker Center provides the homeless and near homeless population with a safe and supportive environment as they seek employment.   Here workers can connect with employers.  We empower day workers to improve their socio-economic condition by providing job skills training, computer training, English language skills, and academics.  We match employers with workers who are best fitted for the job at hand, providing employers with reliable, honest help.


How to Hire a Worker.  Whether you need someone for four (4) hours or four (4) days, you can hire them here!

1.  Call in advance OR come by 749 Story Road, Day Worker Center (rear of building)
2.  Describe work to be performed and number of workers needed.
3.  Tell us date, time and locaiton where work is to be performed.
4.  Pick up workers or provide directions to work site.
5.  Pay worker(s) agreed upon rate of pay at completion of work.
6.  Give feedback about work performed to Center Coordinator.

Under federal law, if an employer hires someone for casual work or if the labor is sporadic, irregular, or intermittent, the employer IS NOT required to fill an I-9 form–the INS form that request information about workers permission to work in the United States.

Worker Services:  Painting, moving, light construction, landscape, hauling, tile work, housecleaning, basic electrical, janitorial, and so much more.